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(no subject) [Aug. 29th, 2012|05:08 pm]
promo stuff!

WELP, I still can't figure out how to fix my lj crossposter thing from my wordpress blog. So I guess that puts the final nail in the livejournal coffin for me! I'll still check out my friends list from time to time because I still love seeing what you guys are up to. Those of you who are still here! I will do my best to follow your blogs elsewhere, for those of you who've already left.

I hope that you guys will add my blog to your read list! Livejournal was a great community to be a part of and I am sad to see it go but we've all got to move on sometime, I suppose! Thank you so much for all the comments and support you've given me. I hope we will still stay in touch <3

Take care!
-Rosemary Travale (piratecore)
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Hmmm [Aug. 1st, 2012|03:38 pm]
The livejournal crossposter from my wordpress blog doesn't seem to be working. I'll try to get it fixed for anyone who's still reading this blog off livejournal, but in the meantime, I hope you'll go over to my website to check out my blog there!
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New promos [Jul. 18th, 2012|01:00 pm]
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promo stuff!

Got these in the mail yesterday afternoon! I’m so happy with how they turned out. Maybe you’ll find one in your mailbox sometime soon!

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Website overhaul! [Jul. 10th, 2012|06:50 pm]
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New site

I know I’ve been quiet as of late but I’ve been working on a bunch of projects that have been keeping me pretty busy. One of them was to completely re do my website! And here it is!

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Want a painting? [Jun. 14th, 2012|02:31 pm]


OK HERE’S THE DEAL! I will do a painted portrait commission of a single character of whoever you want and you can pay whatever you want. Yes, that’s right. You decide what you think one of these amazingly amazing paintings are worth! But I’m only going to do five for the time being. So if you want one, email me at travaleATgmailDOTcom

The paintings will be roughly 4×6 inches, acryla gouache on birch panels and you will get a high res scan of your commission. If you would like to buy the physical painting once it’s finished we can work out shipping costs from Canada to wherever you are and you can send another payment. All payments must be made through paypal and the initial payment for the commission must be paid in full upfront. Feel free to email me if you have any questions! Yeah!

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